My fashion career began with Unlikely Boutique in 2010. At that time I felt there was a need for unique, quality, affordable clothing as I still do. In 2014 I started a mobile boutique. For me buying clothing wholesale then reselling was no longer exciting and didn't challenge me. I needed and wanted something more.  
 I went through a transformation of self love and self care. I wanted to share my transformation with others who may have been having a difficult time with self acceptance. God put it in my spirit to design a line of positive affirmation t-shirts.
In August of 2017 Unlikely Designs was born.   
As with life it was time to evolve. Now we have Unlikely Designs Bridal. I love designing and creating. I've always loved the simplicity of slip dresses and gowns. They are timeless, effortless and sexy.   Women are  looking for ways to get the most for their money. Bridal fashion is ever evolving so I strive to keep prices affordable.